Thursday, July 14, 2005

Full Stroke - Sex Machine Review

I've recently bought a sex toy / machine called the Full Stroke. The machine is geared for guys primarily but can also be used by girls. The sex machine or masturbation machine / toy is really unique because it provides a variable speed full 2.5 inch stroking action for your penis.

The price was $189.50 which was quite reasonable considering the cost of other toys which are so much more expensive and primative.

The Full stroke is built very well, the quality and sturdiness of the product was very good. I was surprised at the detail and engineering of the machine. The liner of the stroking sleeve is made of a very pleasing silicon, it's suprising how good it feels. In addition, the unit creates a suction on the upstroke which really adds a most pleasureable feeling.

I've had other similar sex machines and none have had a full stroking action, most just vibrate and don't provide that same pleasure over time.

If your in the market for a sex machine or a mastrubation toy, then I would highly recommend this machine. You can guy the machine from this location .